There are different kinds of indices available for the picture materials of the different collections. The card catalogues and catalogue files serving as indices are available to the customers at our customer service premises. The MuseumPlus system can be browsed on the computers at the customer service premises. – the collections of Finnish museums available with a single search
Finna is a shared online service of museums, archives and libraries. It allows you to find the material of all participating organisations in one place. The service is maintained and developed by the National Library of Finland together with its partners. New organisations are joining Finna in phases. Finna has been built based on VuFind and other open source software. – more than 200,000 print-quality images freely available
The Finnish Heritage Agency has its dedicated search service in the Finna online service shared by museums, archives and libraries. The service contains more than 200,000 collection pictures as print-quality image files freely available under Creative Commons licences. The press photographs contained in the Press Photo Archive JOKA are found in the service and the images of the archaeological collections can be browsed in the service.

Collection of drawings of the built environment PIIKA
The collection of drawings includes dimensional drawings and plans by the Finnish Antiquarian Society’s and the Finnish Heritage Agency’s draughtspeople and architects, as well as collections acquired from other sources. The drawings have been arranged by location, and the catalogue includes the creator of the drawing, the date of creation, content and the technique used. The information in the catalogue covers approximately two thirds of the drawing collection. The Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency manage the rare drawings in the drawing collection. The archives of the Finnish Heritage Agency are responsible for the rest of the drawings.

The museum data system MuseumPlus is a collections management system that is used by the Finnish Heritage Agency to record metadata on objects and pictures included in the collections as well as the related persons or bodies and measures.