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Other materials

Some archived materials are still being kept at premises other than the ones on Sturenkatu, for example at the National Museum of Finland. The efforts to centralise materials in the permanent archive will be continued, with the exception of the document collections of museums, which will for the most part continue to be kept and managed in collections, such as at those of the Maritime Museum of Finland. The documents collections do not form an actual archive; rather, they comprise materials that have been compiled as a result of collecting efforts related to the museums’ collection policy. However, the museums also house some collections of materials that can be classified as archived materials, mainly materials in private archives. The difference between a document collection and an archive is that an archive is always formed as a result of the duties carried out by the body in charge of forming the archive and not by collecting documents.

For the time being, the archives of the Finnish Heritage Agency also retain a few private archives and individual document collections, although the general rule is that the archives focus on managing the materials that have formed in connection with the organisation’s performance of its official duties.

The archives of the Finnish Heritage Agency house the archives of the Finnish Antiquarian Society. The notes from art-historical expeditions that are housed in the archives of the Finnish Antiquarian Society, as well as parts of the private archives of H. A. Reinholm and C. A. Gottlund, have been microfilmed, and the original versions of these materials cannot be accessed through the customer service.